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The Best You, One Stick At A Time

Instant Marine Collagen Green Tea

Less Sugar, More Collagen, Non-GMO

Introducing YUZA Marine Collagen Green Tea Stick Packs. A proprietary blend of wild caught marine collagen, biotin, and a vitamin complex that provides all the complexion support your body needs to look and feel like your best possible self. Just add water and enjoy on the go.

"Convenience is really important to me, so having collagen ready to go with a touch of clean caffeine is perfect. Love that you just add to water unlike other collagen powders!"

Ellie - Austin, TX

"Hands down the best tasting collagen drink on the market. Finally, something that has everything I need that I actually enjoy drinking!"

Jackson - Los Angeles, CA

"Such a great addition to my daily routine. So happy to see marine collagen used instead of other animal products!"

Sarah - Brooklyn, NY

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